Angry Waitress


I was just dilly dallying around and I wrote this silly little poem.  It should resonate with those in the industry.  I hope you guys get a chuckle out of it.  Thanks and have a good night!

Angry Waitress

You said you wanted corned beef hash.
But I brought it to you and you glared.
I wish you knew that your mustache 
looks as though you grew it on a dare.

You've tapped me seven times for coffee.
And every time you need more cream.
Would I be so rude to proffer
that you go suckle on an engorged cow teat?

All of my guests are equally weird.
This one guy won't take the food out of his beard.
The woman in my booth is separating her peas.
I wonder; what's her mental disease?

Sometimes I think I might just lose it.
Like, when I asked "how are you" and you answered with "iced tea".
But without money I can't make it.
Such is the price of wage slavery.

Day in day out, I put on this face.
And everyday I grow more tired.
I like to think I'll move on to a better place.
But I'll be here 'til I get fired.

But when I finally lose my mind,
please try not to forget that time
you glared at me and your corned beef hash.
Because frankly, you could kiss my ass.

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